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Lecture Sponsors will have the names mentioned in beginning of shiur and also posted on screen as a continuous schut that never ends.

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All Sponsorships are 100% Tax Deductible and go towards the organizations Kiruv efforts that involve printing CD's, Kiruv packages, lecture and organizational overhead costs.
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Rabbi Yaron Reuven does not charge a direct fee for giving lectures, but does require all travel/lodging costs covered and a sponsorship of CDs. The sponsorship of CDs is required in order to have the KIRUV work we do have a lasting affect on the community beyond the major chizuk that a single lecture or Shabbaton event can have. A typical sponsorship can range from $1500-$2000 per lecture, so only serious inquiries please. Any donation directly to Rabbi Yaron Reuven are welcome.

Although Rabbi Yaron Reuven left the money world of Wall Street, running a worldwide KIRUV organization does require a lot of money. Please help us and join our KIRUV revolution by donating today.

"BeEzrat HaShem Inc, Saving souls 1 CD at a Time!!"

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